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Are You Searching For The Best Dumpster Rental Companies In Florida?

Renting a dumpster can be an excellent solution for managing the inevitable waste generated during spring cleaning or home renovations.

Luckily, there are several perfect dumpster rental companies in Florida. We’ve compiled a list of Florida’s top five dumpster rental services based on reputation and customer rating to help you make an educated decision.

These companies are well known for offering competitive prices, reliable service, and satisfying customers.

1. RDR Property Maintenance and Dumpster Rental 

Fibest dumpster rental companies in Florida

First up on our list is the newest company of the top five; RDR Property Maintenance and Dumpster Rental.

RDR Property Maintenance & Dumpster Rental, with its old-school dedication to customer service and a focus on Central Florida, has earned an exemplary reputation in the area.

The company offers a variety of dumpster sizes for different projects, with all drop-off and pickup tasks taken care of.

They are also known for their transparency in pricing and flexible rental terms.

RDR Property Maintenance and Dumpster Rental is a growing small business whose owner is a well-known local figure in Ocala, Florida.

The company has a 5.0 rating from customers.


2. Orange Dumpster Miami

Orange Dumpster Miami grabs the number two spot on our list of top dumpster rental companies in Florida.

Orange Dumpster Miami’s strong presence in the Miami area offers reliable and convenient residential, commercial, and industrial waste management.

They provide a range of dumpster sizes to accommodate various project needs, from residential clean-outs to commercial construction sites.

Their competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and flexible rental periods make them a trusted choice for beach-loving locals.

The company has a 5.0 rating on Google.

3, Steel Smith

Coming in at number 3 is Tampa Bay’s favorite Steel Smith.

Regarding supporting local businesses in Florida, Steel Smith is a wise choice for consumers.

With a strong presence in the community, Steel Smith offers a personalized and friendly approach to waste management.

As a family-owned and operated company, they understand the unique needs of their customers and go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.

Steel Smith offers 20 – 40 cubic yard dumpsters and long-term rentals.

They currently boast a 5.0 customer rating.

4. Global Rental Dumpsters 

Our number 4 company is well known in the Orlando area, Global Rental Dumpsters (GRD).

As with the other companies on this list, GRD excels at customer service. 

Their website is user-friendly, and they treat all leads as family.

They boast several sizes of dumpsters available to rent, and pricing includes no hidden fees.

GRD is locally owned and primarily serves the Orlando area.

They have a customer rating of 5.0.

5. Dumpster Express

Rounding out the top 5 is Destin’s standout, Dumpster Express.

This family-owned business has been a favorite of The Emerald Coast crowd for many years. It provides dumpster rental services from Pensacola to Panama City Beach.

Dumpster Express offers one and 3-day rentals and provides a flat fee rental. There are no hidden fees or charges here.

The company proudly showcases a 5.0 consumer rating.


RDR Property Maintenance and Dumpster Rental tops the list of best dumpster rental companies in Florida, providing outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

However, all the companies on this list offer reliable and efficient dumpster rental services.

When choosing the right company, consider your specific needs, project requirements, and budget. By opting for one of these reputable dumpster rental services, you can streamline your waste management process and focus on the task with peace of mind.